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A Gift From Nature CBG Wax 1EA.

A Gift From Nature CBG Wax 1EA.

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A Gift From Nature CBG Wax

A Gift From Nature CBG Wax extraction is produced from organically grown, pesticide free USA grown hemp plants and is formulated specifically for dabbing (combusting at high heat). High levels of CBG rich with CBD and terpenes offer a pure taste and benefiting properties.

CBG (Cannabigerol) a lesser known cannabinoid often present in low levels in hemp strains is considered a minor cannabinoid. Typically, CBG is converted into either THCa or CBDa during the budding stages of the plants growth. Extracting the hemp six to eight weeks into the flowering cycle produce higher levels of CBG before they are converted into CBDa or THCa.

CBG benefits often overlap the long list of CBD benefits, but is shown to work more effectively on certain disorders or dysfunctions.


Organically grown hemp extract solidified from pure broad spectrum CBG wax.


DAB - Wax can be dabbed by itself using a nector straw or rig. Can also be blended with your favorite smoking blend.

ORAL - Place small amount (Grain of Rice) of wax under tongue, hold for 30 seconds before swallowing.


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