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Muffin Man e Juice by One Hit Wonder (100mL)

Muffin Man e Juice by One Hit Wonder (100mL)

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This is the flavor that started the e-liquid empire known as One Hit Wonder E-Juice. Back in 2015, the team behind One Hit Wonder whipped up a vape flavor they called Muffin Man. This e-liquid’s enormous success launched the entire company into a fast-paced frenzy of flavorful success. So, what’s in this bottle that makes Muffin Man so coveted? Freshly baked apple and cinnamon are the driving forces behind Muffin Man E-Liquid, making every puff taste like a bite of an apple-cinnamon muffin plucked right from the oven. The muffin flavor carries through with subtle hints of toasty butter and sugar to top off the whole deliciously decadent flavor experience.

Sub-ohm vapers will dig the 80/20 VG/PG ratio of Muffin Man E-Juice, which promises some ample clouds to contend with the one-of-a-kind flavor. Grab a bottle of Muffin Man E-Juice in your preferred nic level to try the juice that started a flavor revolution.

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